Premier Wakayama Special Award.
Kishu Waka Beef
At Kishu Waka Beef Research Institute

[Official] Kishu Waka Beef Research Institute | Wakayama Station Shabu-shabu/All-you-can-eat
[Official] Kishu Waka Beef Research Institute | Wakayama Station Shabu-shabu/All-you-can-eat
[Official] Kishu Waka Beef Research Institute | Wakayama Station Shabu-shabu/All-you-can-eat


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You can taste "Kishu Waka Beef" which won the Premier Wakayama Special Award.

While taking advantage of the good qualities of Japanese black beef, the lean meat is low in fat and of high quality, with a light fat and rich lean flavor. Please enjoy a variety of cuts of beef, such as top belly and top lean meat.

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Various parts of Kishu Waka beef can be offered according to your budget. Reservations required.

In addition to shabu-shabu, we also offer a variety of other cooking methods such as seared sushi, grilled dishes, and seiro steamed dishes. Please enjoy the unique flavor of Waka beef.

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All-you-can-eat Kishu Waka beef upper belly course is also available!

The all-you-can-eat Kishu Waka Beef Shabu Shabu Course offers all-you-can-eat Kishu Waka Beef Top Ribs with no upper limit! You can also add top lean meat or special loin at a reasonable price.

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One per person. Individual two-color pots!

All tables offer a choice of [individual 2-color nabe or group 2-color nabe for each person]. Please choose 2 kinds of soup stock of your choice and enjoy your favorite nabe style.

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Tranquil store interior

The restaurant has a relaxed, modern Japanese atmosphere with many spacious tables that give the feeling of a private room. It can be used for various occasions such as families, couples, and banquets.

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Also recommended for banquets

Kishu Waka Beef Laboratory can accommodate banquets of up to 16 people. All-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink courses are also available.

A true "laboratory" where you can enjoy the pride of Wakayama, Kishu Waka Beef, to your heart's content!
Shabu-shabu restaurant 4 minutes walk from Wakayama Station

Black Japanese beef fattened in Wakayama Prefecture
Handles Kishu Waka beef!

Selected parts can be prepared according to your request and budget (*Reservations required)
Kishu Waka Beef Shabu Shabu Shabu, grilled, and other delicacies
All-you-can-eat courses are also available.

Committed to local production for local consumption,
Ponzu with "jambara juice"
Soy sauce with natural sweetness "Yuasa Soy Sauce" etc.
Good local Wakayama ingredients are used.

Shabu-shabu set for casual eating and
A wide variety of dishes such as Aburi-zushi and Kaisen-zushi.

Banquet Course

We offer a variety of courses for banquets centering on Kishu Waka Beef Shabu Shabu. The all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu includes all-you-can-eat Kishu Wakka beef top belly and Kuroge Wagyu beef top loin! In addition, you can enjoy nigiri sushi, grilled dishes, and desserts to your heart's content. Please choose according to your budget and the occasion.


We also offer a shabu-shabu set that allows you to choose and enjoy your favorite meat. Other items on our menu, such as croquettes and seared sushi, which allow you to enjoy Kishu Waka beef, can also be ordered separately. The popular "Gozen" menu offers a different taste from shabu-shabu, such as steamed and grilled dishes.


The restaurant uses Asahi Super Dry, which goes well with any kind of food! We also have a wide variety of drinks such as highballs and cocktails. You can choose from "light all-you-can-drink" which includes cocktails and sours, or "premium all-you-can-drink" which includes draft beer and high quality shochu.

Store interior and space

The restaurant has 80 seats at spacious tables in a relaxed, modern Japanese style. Most of the tables have walls so that diners can dine in comfort. We can accommodate banquets of up to 16 people. The spaciousness of the restaurant makes it convenient for dining with children. Please use our restaurant for various occasions such as family dining, couples dining, and banquets.

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